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There's a war going on.. but it's not a physical war.

This is a war for control of your mind, your thoughts, what you believe in, who you think you are, the decisions you make in life.

This is a war that is fought in multiple-dimensions simultaneously… it's all around you, in everything you do, everywhere you go, and it's deep inside you.

It's a battle for your soul, a battle for your sanity. This is a war of spirit…

Verse 1:

I climb the world tree axis mundi
like a space monkey monkey mind
you find me wherever you go
like space and time
speed up the pace of the rhyme
leave the rat race behind
in a race to find gates divine
make haste theres no time
to waste outside space like einstein
the stakes are high
like empire state (states)
building states of mind like architects
brave like Jason and the argonauts
marching on like an army of god
unite the earth and sky like a lightning rod
channeling light walking free
like a vagabond with no shackles on
bareback like a native chief
we riding on



We look into the next dimension
Moving through space and time
We warriors, we warriors, until the day we die
(that's right)

Verse 2:

on the path no matter whats going on
we battle on hear the war drum
pound the ground in your chest
like a stampede amplify the heartbeat
prepare to meet the king of the deep
undefeated like a paragon
half man half beast like a matador
sound the bull horn invoke the warlords
guardians at the four doors
angelic sworn swords
I summon impenetrable wards
warding off whatever attempts
to come against us with discord
fully armored like a well defended fort
fortified on all four sides plus the earth and sky
we're commanding immortal resources
they wanna do something they can't
but they can damn sure try


Chorus 2x

So who are you really fighting?

Who are the enemies on the battlefield?

And when it comes down to the last man standing, whose face do you seen in the mirror?

Whose life do you see laying besides you?

And when it's all done, you can put the warrior to rest, and go home to your loved ones.

Chorus 2x

(Until the day we die)


from Warriors, released December 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Shamanix Los Angeles, California

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