Shamanix Beatdowns

from by Shamanix

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Yo most of these rappers
Just keep getting whacker and whacker
disposable like candy wrappers
exposing the phonies like thoroughbreds to ponies
they're mirco-phonies

I wanna be clear that im here to drop realness
like nuclear bombs dropped out my moms when I popped (it’s a boy)
and now that ive got undivided attention
your invited to a (shamanix beatdown)

Verse 1:

first things first im laying the groundwork like a grappler
with alligator tactics im hunting these whack rappers
im hungry to eat you like cattle who cant see
what lurks beneath the hand that feeds you
and now your defeated before you even knew
there was a battle this isnt personal its universal
like the speed your heart beats when a rattlesnake
shakes its death rattle I cant help myself for calling out
the prattle that keeps coming out your mouth
you think its spit but its just dribble and drabble
and if this rattles your cage you’re the one im calling out
it doest matter to me the perceived clout
or pedigrees that you tout or how loud
your grit your teeth scream and shout
like a feign I need something with substance
or its just more of the same nothing your uttering
that lacks meaning like stuttering (stuttering)


We handing out
We handing out
We handing out shamanix beatdowns

Verse 2:

Eh yo
I express from deep in my chest
serious like cardiac arrest this is not a test
I get the impression that most of these cats
who spit spat on are only interested
in whats connected to their necklaces
perpetuating the negligence and enslavement
mental states like peasants
they might have bank but their lacking investment
in significant measures
my lessons manifest in sentences
no room for stupid punch lines
im out of my mind like tyler durden
close the curtains its gonna get buck wild for certain
tuck your tail and hold your skirts protect your intestines
I'm coming for you with the truth gutting
until there's nothing left no questions (um, excuse me, what did he say?)


Chorus 4x


from Warriors, released December 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Shamanix Los Angeles, California

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