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Yeah, yeah
This is shamanix
Right here tonight, I'm going to tell you a story about nothing

(N-n-nothing is everything)

From the beginning to the end
From the bottom to the top
When there's nothing left, this is what you got

Verse 1:

I made you sick but you're better off dead
so I can resurrect ya with the ink from my pen
it's funny to think you only live on paper
eating money for lunch but I'm still hungry like bums
stomach grumbling for something that means something
so I can eat something other than crumbs
so I can breathe something into these smothering lungs
I need to see something other than these meaningless sums
so I can relieve the struggle to be something
other than the beast that comes
from beneath when I can't feed myself like a feign on drugs
I need to speak something that means something
deep like in mother tongues
something other than this nothing you keep flinging at me like dung
id rather be a grunt slinging mud than live in the slums
of my mind thinking there's something other than love
doing grunt work make my back hurt
but at least I'm still rich in my blood rich like the mud
planting seeds from fantasies to dreams to something
real that comes from the nothing you're giving me
and that’s everything from nothing you see
and now there's nothing left


The day that you die
There's nothing to hide
You rise through the sky
And look in God's eye to see
Nothing at all

N-n-nothing is everything

The day that you die
There's nothing to hide
You rise through the sky
And look in God's eye to find
Nothing but love

N-n-nothing is everything

Verse 2:

Everything is nothing but that’s still nothing you see
if nothing is everything then nothing ain't what it seems
awake from the dream its coming like prophecies
there's nothing new under the sun but I'm still hunting
for something true under the sun
that means something other than nothing
life is what you make it
unmask the makeup blast the birthday cake up
good for nothing but fuck it
unwrap this something or other everything in kick the bucket list
oh you suck at this life's a bitch and she rapes you like a mother fucker
still trucking still got my nuts to tuck
but ya tell me I'm good for nothing
say something, growing the garden of dreams
mark my territory pile of shit chew on this talking stick yellow spit
it's your turn to speak but the speech means nothing
unless you got something beneath the fronting you keep clutching
you're gonna get whats coming to ya
there's no escaping nothing so its now or never this or nothing


Verse 3:

you're either dead or you ascend, same as nothing
you're coffin's gotta wingspread that’s better than nothing
ya got something but youre doing nothing
when it takes everything the stakes all or nothing you see
everything is nothing so if ya got nothing to lose
put your truth on the table
something that means everything to you
now that’s something here goes nothing…


Deep in my heart
there's nothing at all
N-n-nothing is everything
Deep in my heart
there's nothing but love
N-n-nothing is everything


from Warriors, released December 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Shamanix Los Angeles, California

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