Hey You

from by Shamanix

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I am only as strong as I am open
my heart has no boundaries
I open to you as the sea opens to the ship
love is the wind
the strength of our sail is the strength of our commitment
the destination is nowhere
but the journey is eternal
take this journey with me

Verse 1:

hey you
when I first saw you I knew
without a shadow of a doubt
like a cloudless sky all blue
how you moved me with the way you move
from a place where I
didn’t know what to do and now I do
that’s her shes the one with two
delicate eyes all blue
like a baby bird so cute
it still blows my mind how you
body soft but so strong on the inside
the strongest I ever had the pleasure to know you --
changed my world in word yes I do
express my gratitude for all the little things you do
the way you care for me unlike anybody and you
know that’s true because you got me too
deep on the inside in the special place
where only you and I go to…

Chorus 2x:

I wouldn't be nothing
I wouldn't have nothing if it wasn’t for you

Verse 2:

hey you
will you dance with me
in the sand no shoes
the way the ocean dances with the moon
emotional lost in the ocean that is you
soothing me like a queen you
rose to meet me in the dream I had of you
now I see the truth illuminated
by the full moon in june
summer night sommer white sand
jamaican beach its me and you
moving in harmony
it's our time to be best friends
in love with your everything
it’s the best thing
first impression that’s her shes the one
blessed in the medicine
beyond conception divine feminine
it's true the way I feel for you
you’re a queen to me my one and only
sweet like a summer dream
come true in life with your as my wife

Chorus 2x with ICARO

Hey you
Hey you
Yes I do
Hey you
will you dance with me in the sand no shoes
hey you
your'e a queen to me
my one and only

Chorus 2x with ICARO


from Warriors, released December 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Shamanix Los Angeles, California

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